Abstract: The growing rate of risky sexual behaviour among young adults contributes significantly to the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections epidemic in Nigeria. As a result of which this study explores STIs knowledge and treatment seeking behaviour among University of Ilorin students aged between 18-25 years. An in-depth interview was conducted among forty students. The study reveals that young adults have a good knowledge of HIV/AIDS but few of them have little knowledge of only gonorrhoea. It was noted that the informants still have a lot of ambiguous information that relates to STIs. They also perceived risky sexual behaviour is common among their peers. When they had STIs, most of them prefer to get self-medications from traditional healers or patronize road side pharmacy. Also, they do not like to go to medical practitioners because of stigmatization by medical practitioners, lack of confidentiality, slow service and low cost. It is recommended that a multi-sectorial effort of young peoplesí families, Non-Governmental Organisations, traditional medical practitioners, media practitioners and health professionals towards improving STIs knowledge as well as promoting and encouraging preventive as well as effective treatment practices must be made available for this population. The study concludes that there is a need for the implementation of an all-encompassing integrated multi-sectoral approach which will utilise all the various stakeholders in providing a comprehensive abstinence sexuality education for young adults.

Keywords: Knowledge, treatment, STIs, campaign, young adults