Abstract: This paper reports on an ongoing study, which intends to propose a conceptual design model of Assistive Courseware (AC) that is particularly designed for low vision learners (LV) learners. Altogether, 15 conceptual design models of courseware were compared and analyzed exhaustively with the main objectives (i) to determine the research gaps in proposing a conceptual design model of AC4LV and (ii) to identify their common components. Through a systematic and critical analysis, this study discovers that all of the previous models do not suggest any specific conceptual design model of courseware that caters the visually-impaired (VI) particularly low vision (LV) learners in detail. It is noted that this is the research gap that should be the focal point for further study. Also, the previous literatures suggest that Instructional Design (ID) model, learning theories, and learning approach must be the basic component in designing the conceptual design model of courseware.